Pastor Stephen


Pastor Stephen Lennstrom was born and raised in Seattle, WA, where he served as an associate and interim pastor at
Living Way Foursquare Church (now Seattle First Foursquare). Meanwhile, Amy Short grew up in Monterey, CA,
and came to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. The two met at church, fell in love, and were married in 2007.

Their family has grown over the years and they now have three wonderful children: James, Abigail and Naomi.

Stephen and Amy are excited to be living and serving God's family in Lincoln City, Oregon, and are passionate
about investing in their community through church leadership, community outreach, and volunteerism.


Stephen holds degrees from Simpson University and Fuller Theological Seminary
as well as a post-graduate certificate from the University of Cambridge.


Meet The Team


Pastor Debbie Warthen

Debbie has served New Life for decades. She is currently our Associate Pastor and oversees Community Benevolence as well as other ministries.

Fun Fact: Debbie was a special needs teacher


Chrissy Davis

Chrissy is an amazing leader and worshipper. She is currently our Associate Pastor and oversees Community Benevolence as well as other ministries.

Fun Fact: Chrissy is unsure how many tattoos she has


Marti Smith

Marti is our Children's Director who leads our awesome kid's ministry. She has championed Children's worship and is building a dynamite children's team.

Fun Fact: Marti has 8 kids as well as 3 grand-cats, 3 grand-dogs, 1 grand-fish and a loving husband!

Church Council




Donna is a local art teacher who enjoys walks with her dog and her husband, Kim. You can enjoy her wonderful mural artwork in the foyer of the church (she painted our world map) as well as in local businesses.




Jill has a deep love for animals and loves to walk on the beach and through neighborhoods with her St. Bernard named Lola (her Siamese cat Moondiby stays home).



Dylan is a businessman who manages the Chester's Market in Lincoln Beach. His wife Marti is our children's director. Before he met Jesus, Dylan was a Buddhist monk!


Adrienne Ernst

Adrienne is a retired nurse who has lived here in Lincoln City for over four decades. You might find her playing the piano on a Sunday morning or walking with her good friend Pastor Debbie during the week.